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Plugin for @sapphire/framework to have pretty console output.

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A Logger implementation that implements Sapphire's ILogger interface and implements timestamp and style formatting with the blazing fast colorette library.


  • Fully ready for TypeScript!
  • Includes ESM ready entrypoint
  • NO_COLOR friendly, inherited by colorette


@sapphire/plugin-logger depends on the following packages. Be sure to install these along with this package!

You can use the following command to install this package, or replace npm install with your package manager of choice.

npm install @sapphire/plugin-logger @sapphire/framework


This registers the necessary options and methods in the Sapphire client to be able to use the log plugin.

// Main bot file
// Be sure to register the plugin before instantiating the client.
import '@sapphire/plugin-logger/register';

In order to use the Logger in any place other than a piece (commands, arguments, preconditions, etc.), you must first import the container property of @sapphire/framework. For pieces, you can simply use this.container.logger to access Logger methods.

import { container } from '@sapphire/framework';

export class MyAwesomeService {
public printAwesomeLog() {'log message');

Here is an example ping command, demonstrating the use of this.container.logger from within a piece by omitting the explicit import.

// ping command

import { Command } from '@sapphire/framework';
import type { Message } from 'discord.js';

export class PingCommand extends Command {
public constructor(context: Command.LoaderContext, options: Command.Options) {
super(context, {
description: 'ping pong'

public async messageRun(message: Message) {
this.container.logger.warn('warning message');

Types of logs

  1. trace
  2. debug
  3. info
  4. warn
  5. error
  6. fatal

Example: container.logger.debug('log debug message');

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Please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.

Thank you to all the people who already contributed to Sapphire!