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Buttons are components that are clickable. You will recieve an interaction for every click of a button! Here's an example which will respond with an ephemeral message on each click:

import { InteractionHandler, InteractionHandlerTypes, PieceContext } from '@sapphire/framework';import type { ButtonInteraction } from 'discord.js';export class ButtonHandler extends InteractionHandler {  public constructor(ctx: PieceContext, options: InteractionHandler.Options) {    super(ctx, {      ...options,      interactionHandlerType: InteractionHandlerTypes.Button    });  }  public override parse(interaction: ButtonInteraction) {    if (interaction.customId !== 'my-awesome-button') return this.none();    return this.some();  }  public async run(interaction: ButtonInteraction) {    await interaction.reply({      content: 'Hello from a button interaction handler!',      // Let's make it so only the person who pressed the button can see this message!      ephemeral: true    });  }}