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Modals are like your annoying pop-ups, but cooler! These interactions will display a pop-up window on the user's client, which when submitted, will fire this event. The great thing about modals is that they're going to be handled just like any other interaction!


There is no way to determine if or how the user closed the modal.

const { InteractionHandler, InteractionHandlerTypes } = require('@sapphire/framework');

class ModalHandler extends InteractionHandler {
constructor(ctx, options) {
super(ctx, {
interactionHandlerType: InteractionHandlerTypes.ModalSubmit

parse(interaction) {
if (interaction.customId !== 'hello-popup') return this.none();

return this.some();

async run(interaction) {
await interaction.reply({
content: 'Thank you for submitting the form!',
ephemeral: true
module.exports = {