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Global preconditions

Sometimes you want a precondition that automatically runs for every command, without having to add it to each command. This is where global preconditions come in.

Creating a global precondition is very similar to creating a normal precondition. The only difference is that you need to add the position option to the options of the particular precondition. The position determines the priority at which a global precondition is ran. A lower position means it runs before those with a higher position, and vice versa.


By default Sapphire ships with 1 single global precondition, the Enabled precondition, which checks if a piece is enabled through the optional enabled?: boolean option. This global precondition has a position of 10 to allow users to have global preconditions with a higher priority, however, we do not recommend you do this as piece enabled checks are recommended to be the first thing to check.

Following is an example of a simple global precondition that checks if the command is used in a server that was added to an arbitrary banlist stored in a database. In this code snippet we set the position to value 20, which means it will run after the Enabled precondition.

const { AllFlowsPrecondition, Result } = require('@sapphire/framework');

class UserPrecondition extends AllFlowsPrecondition {
#message =
"Sorry but your server is banned from using this bot's commands. Contact the bot developer for more information.";

constructor(context, options) {
super(context, {
position: 20

chatInputRun(interaction) {
return this.doBanlistCheck(interaction.guildId);

contextMenuRun(interaction) {
return this.doBanlistCheck(interaction.guildId);

messageRun(message) {
return this.doBanlistCheck(message.guildId);

async doBanlistCheck(guildId) {
if (guildId === null) return this.ok();

const isInBannedGuild = await Result.fromAsync(
this.container.prisma.bannedGuilds.findFirstOrThrow({ where: { snowflake: BigInt(guildId) } })

// SQL query failed, therefore no guild was found, therefore the guild is not banned.
if (isInBannedGuild.isErr()) return this.ok();

// Guild was found, therefore it is banned.
return this.error({ identifier: 'GuildInBanList', message: this.#message });
module.exports = {
A few notes about this code snippet
  • We use the AllFlowsPrecondition class, which is a special class that allows you to use the same precondition for all flows. This is useful for global preconditions, as you want to use the same precondition for all flows.
  • If the command is executed in a DM, we return this.ok() to allow the command to run.
  • In this example we use Prisma, but you can use any database library you want.
  • We use the Result class to make checking if the guild was in the banlist or not easier. This is not required, but it is recommended.