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Certain Chat Input Command options can be autocompleted based on what the user has written. There are two ways you can create an autocomplete interaction handler. The first way is by creating Piece that extends InteractionHandler and the second way is by implementing the autocompleteRun method.


You cannot defer auto-completes (that would be silly)! You must respond to the interaction within 3 seconds.

Interaction Handler

This is no different than the rest - extend the InteractionHandler class and give it a parse and run method. Note here that you have access to <AutocompleteInteraction>.commandName or <AutocompleteInteraction>.commandId to differentiate the command the user is using.

You will also want to ensure that your option has been configured for autocompletion with: .setAutocomplete(true).


const { InteractionHandler, InteractionHandlerTypes } = require('@sapphire/framework');

class AutocompleteHandler extends InteractionHandler {
constructor(ctx, options) {
super(ctx, {
interactionHandlerType: InteractionHandlerTypes.Autocomplete

async run(interaction, result) {
return interaction.respond(result);

async parse(interaction) {
// Only run this interaction for the command with ID '1000802763292020737'
if (interaction.commandId !== '1000802763292020737') return this.none();

// Get the focussed (current) option
const focusedOption = interaction.options.getFocused(true);

// Ensure that the option name is one that can be autocompleted, or return none if not.
switch ( {
case 'search': {
// Search your API or similar. This is example code!
const searchResult = await myApi.searchForSomething(focusedOption.value);

// Map the search results to the structure required for Autocomplete
return this.some( => ({ name:, value: match.key })));
return this.none();
module.exports = {

Autocomplete run method

Sapphire will first attempt to find the command class for which the autocomplete is for, and if it exists and it has the autocompleteRun method set, call it, otherwise we pass it down to interaction handlers. It's the best of both worlds, and lets you decide which is better for your projects.

The downside of using autocompleteRun is if you have multiple commands that have a similar option and use the same autocomplete you would be duplicating code. In this case using an InteractionHandler would likely be better. Of course there are other ways to get around code duplication in this situation and how you want to go about it is entirely up to you.

Emitted events

If an autocomplete interaction runs through autocompleteRun, you will get a CommandAutocompleteInteractionSuccess (commandAutocompleteInteractionSuccess) event if it successfully runs, or a CommandAutocompleteInteractionError (commandAutocompleteInteractionError) event if it errors.

If the autocomplete interaction runs via InteractionHandler, you will receive errors in the InteractionHandlerError (interactionHandlerError) event.